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The Book Exchange: Popular and Eclectic

Director's Cut: Non-Fiction Book Club

The Mystery Book Group

Socrates Cafe: Community Discussion Group

The Book Exchange

Join fellow readers on the third Thursday of each month at 7 pm. Books are selected by the group on an annual basis. To join the Book Exchange for one or all of their discussions, call (419) 433-5009, email huron@huronlibrary.org or visit the Library today.
Select Thursdays at 7 pm

Finding Gobi by Dion Leonard
June 21

This is the miraculous tale of Dion Leonard, a seasoned ultramarathofinding_gobi.jpgn runner who befriends a scrappy, stray dog while competing in a 150-mile race through the Gobi Desert in China and Mongolia. The lovable pup, small in size but large in heart, followed Dion over grueling terrain and through hostile weather conditions and changed Dion’s heart forever. Rather than focusing on winning the race, Dion’s goal now was to make sure he and Gobi's friendship continued well after the finish line. He sacrificed water, food, and his competitive advantage for his new friend that he hoped to bring home after the race. When Gobi went missing in a sprawling Chinese city, Dion, with the help of strangers and a viral outpouring of assistance on the internet, set out to track her down, and reunite forever with the amazing animal that changed his life and proved to him and the world that miracles are possible.

the_nightingale.jpgThe Nightingale by Kristin Hannah
July 19

An acclaimed historical novel and New York Times bestseller, the Nightingale is set in World War II and presents the war from the perspective of women. A heartbreakingly beautiful novel, it tells the stories of two sisters, separated by years and experience, by ideals, passion and circumstance, each embarking on her own dangerous path toward survival, love, and freedom in German-occupied, war-torn France, celebrating the resilience of the human spirit and the durability of women.

 radium_girls.jpgThe Radium Girls by Kate Moore
August 16

This work details the tragic stories of young women employed as dial painters during World War I.  Lured to these prestigious and well-paying jobs, workers were often the daughters of immigrants, and unaware of the dangers of the radioactive paint present in their workplace-which caused their bodies and clothes to glow, even outside of work. With America's entry into World War I, demand skyrocketed, but soon, many employees suffered aching teeth and jaws, sore joints, and sarcomas. As their ailments worsened, many sought answers. Employers met them with denials and misinformation even as evidence mounted that radium poisoned these women. Justice came too late for many of the women, who endured
several trials, and thousands of dollars in doctor and attorney fees.

Director's Cut: Non-Fiction Book Club

Join the Director in this book group which focuses on non-fiction works of interest. To join the Director's Cut Book Club for one or all of their discussions, call (419) 433-5009, email huron@huronlibrary.org or visit the Library today.
Select Wednesdays at 3 pm

Listen to This by Alex Ross

June 27 at 3 pmlisten_to_this.jpg

Whether his subject is Mozart or Bob Dylan, Ross shows how music expresses the full complexity of the human condition. Witty, passionate, and brimming with insight, Listen to This teaches us how to listen more closely.


girls_like_us.jpgGirls Like Us by Sheila Weller
July 25 at 3 pm

A groundbreaking and irresistible biography of three of America's most important musical artists--Carole King, Joni Mitchell, and Carly Simon--charts their lives as women at a magical moment in time. Girls Like Us is an epic treatment of midcentury women who dared to break tradition and become what none had been before them--confessors in song, rock superstars, and adventurers of heart and soul.


March: Books 1 ,2 and 3 by John Lewismarch_book_1.jpg
August 22 at 3 pm

These graphic novels are Congressman John Lewis' first-hand accounts of his lifelong struggle for civil and human rights, meditating in the modern age on the distance traveled since the days of Jim Crow and segregation. Rooted in Lewis' personal story, it also reflects on the highs and lows of the broader civil rights movement.

The Mystery Book Group

This group meets monthly (January - November) on select Mondays at 7 PM. Books are chosen with input from the group. To join the Mystery Book Group for one or all of their discussions, call (419) 433-5009, email huron@huronlibrary.org or visit the Library today.
Select Mondays at 7 pm

death_in_holy_orders.jpgDeath in Holy Orders by P. D. James
June 18 at 7 pm

This story is set on the bleak coast of East Anglia, where atop a sweep of low cliffs stands the small theological college of St. Anselm's. On the nearby shore, beneath a fall of sand, lies the body of one of the school's young ordinands, the son of Sir Alred Treves, a hugely successful and flamboyant businessman, accustomed to getting what he wants. In this case what he wants is Commander Adam Dalgliesh to investigate his son's death. Driven by boyhood memories and nostalgia for the setting, Dalgliesh agrees, but after his arrival the college is torn apart by a sacrilegious and horrifying murder, and Dalgliesh finds
      himself drawn into the labyrinth of an intricate and violent mystery.

A Hiss Before Dying by Rita Mae Brownhiss_before_dying.jpg
July 16 at 7 pm

In the Blue Ridge Mountain community of Crozet, Virginia, autumn is in the air, and the traditions of the changing seasons are under way. As Mary Minor "Harry" Haristeen, and her husband Fair prepare for winter, the clamorous barking of beagles signals the annual rabbit chase through the central Virginia hills. But the last thing the local beaglers and their hounds expect to flush out is a dead body, the second corpse to turn up, after that of a missing truck driver too disfigured to identify. The deaths seem unrelated, but then Harry picks up a trail of clues dating back to the state's post-Revolutionary past. Narrowly missing a dangerous shootout, Harry enlists the talents of her furry friends Mrs. Murphy, Pewter, and Tucker, who lend their sharp-nosed talents to the hunt, and keep more lives from being lost. Their efforts also right an injustice buried since the early days of America's independence.

unquiet_dead.jpgThe Unquiet Dead by Ausma Khan
August 20 at 7 pm  

Detective Esa Khattak is in the midst of his evening prayers when he receives a phone call asking that he and his partner, Detective Rachel Getty, look into the death of a local man who has fallen off a cliff. As a team that handles minority sensitive cases, it at first seems that Christopher Drayton's death - which looks like an accident - doesn't seem to warrant a police investigation. But it soon comes to light that Drayton might have been living under an assumed name, and he may not have been the upstanding Canadian citizen he appeared to be. In fact, he may have been a Bosnian War criminal, with ties to a brutal massacre. As the detectives investigate the only thing that becomes clear is that there are no easy answers.

Socrates Cafe: Community Discussion Group

Huron Public Library is proud to present a monthly meeting of the grass roots community discussion movement, Socrates Café. The group is moderated by Jarret Pervola, professor of philosophy and the arts at Lorain County Community College. Pervola brought the concept to the Library in 2011. It is now entering its fourth successful year.

Summer Dates: Wednesdays- June 20, July 18, and August 8 at 7 pm

While dates are determined in advance on a season-by-season basis, discussion topics are not. Socrates Café is, in the spirit of its great philosophical namesake, concerned with allowing the participants of the regular discussions to determine the ongoing course of their conversations. Each month's topic flows out of the preceding meeting's conversation and hence the interests and concerns of those participating.


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