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Gallery Exhibits


About the Gallery

The Library’s art gallery in the building’s lower level is Huron’s one and only public art space. Local artists and artisans utilize the gallery to display their paintings, drawings, photographs, crafts and other works of art. To inquire about displaying your art in the gallery, please contact Wendy Bromfield at 419-433-5009.


Brickhouse Partners

Patent Art

It is anticipated that the ten-millionth U.S. Patent will be issued in the first half of 2018. Patent Art celebrates highly-creative inventors and their unnamed artists who illustrated the patent. Patent Art Duos represent a unique combination of two, compatible patents in a perfectly sized single print. Each public-domain, patent reproduction is selected, downloaded, composed, embellished and printed. Today, Brickhouse Partners participate in art, craft, and other events in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana, virtually every weekend, and base new creations on the interests of their customers.


Dominic Sberna


Dominic started taking photos while out skateboarding with his friends in high school. Not long after, he started taking photographs of anything he found interesting. What had started as a hobby with a cell phone camera became a more serious passion that would eventually lead him to study Visual Communication Technology at Bowling Green State University. In December 2014, he received his Bachelors of Science in Technology.


Maritime Museum of Sandusky

Great Lake Prints from Glass Negatives

Prior to 1903, photographic emulsions were made on glass supports called glass plate negatives. This breathtaking exhibit features images drawn from the archival collection of Great Lakes maritime historian Gordon Wendt. Take a step back in time, and experience our region in a way you never have before. The collection includes images of the hardworking boats that plied the Great Lakes: freighters, schooners, passenger boats and the like.

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