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Gallery Exhibits

The Library’s art gallery in the building’s lower level is Huron’s one and only public art space. Local artists and artisans utilize the gallery to display their paintings, drawings, photographs, crafts, and other works of art.

To inquire about displaying your art in the gallery, please contact Wendy Bromfield at (419) 433-5009.




Upcoming Gallery Shows:



Joey Supina

from Sandusky Artisans Recovery Community Center


Joey Supina’s paintings are metaphors for a deeper hidden reality. His art is vibrant in colors, mesmerizing through movement and an adventure into the mystical realm of the unseen. The viewer is taken into formerly unknown landscapes, traversing time and space to arrive at a place that is the beginning of an inward movement to an Everest of artistic endeavors. Leave behind thoughts that hold to the mundane and begin to travel with him to fresh, new and exciting landscapes. He will splash onto the canvas prodigious vibrant colors and explore new ideas and unseen vistas. Come with him and explore his work. His paintings are an implement that the Cosmos employs to tell the Universe’s hidden messages. He always allows the subject to be the master and the the student- never forgetting that he is just the palette of a Higher Reality that uses him to present the unfolding story of the Cosmos. His paintings are the traces of colored atoms of energy that have exploded onto the canvas. These become the remains of his experienced moments of insights with a clarity that exhibits from a Higher Realm. These are moments that demand to be exposed, to come into being, to come to life and to live on in the memory of the viewer. The whole world, the Cosmos is but a symbol. It is telling each of us something that the Creator Breath is conveying. Art can become the symbols for these thoughts. If we then follow those symbols through art we can then try to interpret the language of the Creator. That is what he attempts to do through his art.






Students of Diane Reinhart


Diane Sliter Reinhart’s art work is available for purchase at the Elyria Art Council and Main Street Vermilion. She also teaches classes year-round at the Westlake Community Center. You do not need to be a Westlake resident to attend. The gallery paintings are from both classes, beginning and advanced, along with those of the instructor. Diane’s program at the Library is on Tuesday, April 30 at 6 pm. CLICK HERE to check out the program.





Bob Reynolds

Oil Paintings/ Photography/ Poetry

Robert Reynolds was born in Lakewood in 1933. He joined the Merchant Marine at age 18, where he developed an interest in nautical painting a poetry. He married and settled in Huron with his wife Shirley, where they reared their three children. After retirement he was drawn to New England and his travels to the British Isles increased his interest in painting castles, churches, and rural scenes. In 2000, he and Shirley moved back to Huron, where he now paints, writes poetry, and participates with other writers in the Firelands Writing Center. His work in the gallery this month combines his consummate skill in both painting and poetry.



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