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Gallery Exhibits


About the Gallery

The Library’s art gallery in the building’s lower level is Huron’s one and only public art space. Local artists and artisans utilize the gallery to display their paintings, drawings, photographs, crafts and other works of art. To inquire about displaying your art in the gallery, please contact Wendy Bromfield at 419-433-5009.


chevalier.JPGDiane Preu Chevalier

Mixed Media

Diane Preu Chevalier lives in Huron and is a graduate of Bowling Green State University. While working as a graphic designer, Diane felt that the expanding usage of the computer was taking away the satisfaction of making art with her hands. In the spring of 2000 she created her company, Tesserae, and began displaying mixed media jewelry and artwork in local galleries and art shows. In addition to marketing her designs, Diane creates and teaches jewelry and mixed media classes for children and adults.


Brian and Larry Smith



Photographer Brian Smith and his father, poet Larry Smith, will display some of their shared work. The images are all of area landscapes…rural and urban and lakefront, done in the last two years. Brian is a labor lawyer and Larry is a former Huron Poet Laureate. The photos and poems speak to and through each other as photo-poems.



thrift_store_art.jpgThrift Store Art

Mixed Media

There is a reason why wall art is found in thrift stores- some of it is pretty bad. In honor of Halloween, this month the gallery will feature found art that has been updated in often whimsical, humorous, or fantastical ways. You may submit your own piece of thrift store art for inclusion in the Gallery or join us at a class on Tuesday, September 19th at 6 pm to paint your own work.


Student Artists


The paintings displayed this month are from local student artists who attend the watercolor classes taught by Clela Stelnicki. The painters are all ages and skill levels and are learning various watercolor techniques. They also paint a wide variety of subjects. There will be an opening reception for them on Thursday, November 2 at 6:30 pm.

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