Board of Trustees

The Huron Public Library is governed by a seven member Board of Trustees appointed by the Huron City School District Board of Education. Each trustee serves a seven year term with one term expiring every year. 


Rob Smith, President

Peter Jackson, Vice President

Bob Williams, Secretary

Joseph Giardina

Terry Griffith

Rob Kozar

Karyn Seibel

WR_Board of Trustees 2021.png

Library Board of Trustees (2021). Back (left to right): Peter Jackson, Joseph Giardina, Rob Kozar, Karyn Seibel Front (left to right): Bob Williams, Terry Griffith, Rob Smith

Meetings of the Board of Trustees

Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7 pm (as set by the Board) in the Board Room of the Huron Public Library, unless otherwise noted. An annual meeting, for the purpose of the election of officers, is held at the time of the regular meeting in January of each year.

Meetings, Agendas, & Minutes

Agendas are posted on the Friday prior to each Board meeting. Meeting minutes are posted following their approval at the following month's Board meeting.

1/9/2019 Agenda/Minutes

2/13/2019 Agenda/Minutes

3/13/2019 Agenda/Minutes

4/10/2019 Agenda/Minutes

5/8/2019 Agenda/Minutes

6/12/2019 Agenda/Minutes

8/14/2019 Agenda/Minutes

9/11/2019 Agenda/Minutes

10/9/2019 Agenda/Minutes

11/13/2019 Agenda/Minutes

12/11/2019 Agenda/Minutes

1/14/2020 Agenda/Minutes

2/12/2020 Agenda/Minutes

3/11/2020 Agenda/Minutes

4/23/2020 Minutes

5/6/2020  Agenda/Minutes

6/10/2020 Agenda/Minutes

7/8/2020 Agenda/Minutes

8/12/2020 Agenda/Minutes

9/9/2020 Agenda/Minutes

10/14/2020 Agenda/Minutes

11/18/2020 Agenda/Minutes

12/9/2020 Agenda/Minutes

1/13/2021 Agenda/Minutes

2/10/2021 Agenda/Minutes

3/10/2021 Agenda/Minutes

4/14/2021 Agenda/Minutes

5/12/2021 Agenda/Minutes

6/9/2021 Agenda/Minutes

8/11/2021 Agenda/Minutes

9/8/2021 Agenda/Minutes

10/13/2021 Agenda/Minutes

11/10/2021 Agenda/Minutes

12/8/2021 Agenda/Minutes

1/12/2022 Agenda/Minutes

2/9/2022 Agenda/Minutes

3/9/2022 Agenda/Minutes

4/13/2022 Agenda/Minutes

Public Participation at Board Meetings

In compliance with Section 121.22(F) of the Ohio Revised Code, meetings of the Board of Trustees shall be open to the public. Minutes of such meetings shall be available for public inspection. Notice of such meetings shall be kept posted within the Library. Notice of special or extra-ordinary meetings shall be given to the media in advance. The Board reserves the right to hold executive sessions in accordance with Section 121.22(G) of the Revised Code.

Emeritus Trustees

Emeritus Trustees have served the Huron Public Library Board of Trustees for 15 years or longer.

Alea Dahnke

Saundra Dolbeer

John Halter

Jo Homyak

Gordon Meeker

Becoming a Trustee

Applications are accepted when a position is available. The opening will be posted in the Library and on this page.

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