Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2017 - 2020

In 2016, the Huron Public Library began the process of creating a new Strategic Plan. The previous five year plan had reached its conclusion, both in its time frame and in the completion of its stated goals and objectives. The Huron Public Library Board expanded their Strategic Planning Committee to include three Trustees, the Library Director, a supervising staff member, and a former library director unaffiliated with the Huron Public Library. This committee, with the approval of the Board, selected a consulting partner, the State Library of Ohio, to assist in preparing this plan.

The committee gathered data from a community survey and interest-based focus groups in the summer of 2016. This data was combined and analyzed with the framework of the Planning for Results Methodology. The focus group findings often matched the findings from the community survey, which helped the committee create goals and objectives for the coming years. 

The final Strategic Plan is posted here for community viewing. Thank you for your participation.

Strategic Plan 2017-2020

Strategic Plan 2011

Since 1988, the Huron Public Library has utilized an ongoing long-range planning process to guide the expenditure of Library resources towards identified community needs. Our previous planning exercise commenced in the spring of 2011 and concluded in the fall of the same year. The working documents that resulted from that process are posted here for community viewing.

Strategic Plan 2011

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