Hoopla now offers Bonus Borrows that don't count towards the monthly 10 item limit.

To find the Bonus Borrows on the Hoopla website: Click "Browse," select a material type, click "Categories," and then select "Bonus Borrows."

To find the Bonus Borrows on the Hoopla app: Select a material type on the bottom of the screen, click "Genres," and then select "Bonus Borrows."

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Hoopla is a digital content streaming service for libraries. Instantly borrow ebooks, movies, TV shows, music, graphic novels, and audiobooks to your computer or app-running device for free with your Huron Public Library card.  Each Huron Public Library cardholder is limited to 10 downloads per month. Click the link below, or download the app on your device to get started.

CLICK HERE to register your Library account.

If you need assistance using Hoopla or would like to learn more about it, please call the Library at (419) 433-5009 and set up a Book a Librarian appointment or email McKenna Leckrone, our Emerging Technology Librarian, at mckenna.leckrone@huronlibrary.org.

CLICK HERE to learn more about downloading on iOS or Android devices, or to learn about using Hoopla with Kindle devices, Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, and Roku.

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