Share your artwork with the community in our virtual Art Gallery!

While the Library Gallery is closed, we still wanted to find a way to share artistic endeavors within the community. Share pictures of your artworks or photographs and then revisit the virtual Gallery to find new additions. All ages are welcome to participate. To submit, please send pictures of artwork or photography to McKenna at, along with:

  • a name of the piece
  • the artist’s name
  • the medium

Kiley Rogers_Cute Pusheen and Dolphin Drawing.jpg

Cute Pusheen and Dolphin Drawing

by Kiley Rogers, marker


Ken Kashian_Columbine.jpg


by Ken Kashian, photography


Bicentennial Tree

by Ken Kashian, photography

Ken Kashian_Bicentennial Tree.jpg


Ken Kasian_Huron City Beach.jpg


Huron City Beach

by Ken Kashian, photography

Ken Kashian_The Huron Lighthouse.jpg

The Huron Lighthouse

by Ken Kashian, photography


Harry Styles

by Olivia Arambula, watercolors


Olivia Arambula_Harry Styles.jpg


Grace Knight_Best Friend.jpg


Best Friend

by Grace Knight, markers


Joslyn Harrinton_The Chinchilla.jpg

The Chinchilla

by Joslyn Harrington, scratchboard


Joslyn Harrington_Jack the Skeleton.jpg


Jack the Skeleton

by Joslyn Harrington, pointillism


Black Lives Matter PSA Poster

by Joslyn Harrington, watercolors


Joslyn Harrington_Black Lives Matter PSA Poster.jpg


Cedar Point at Night_Evan Napholz.png

Cedar Point at Night

by Evan Napholz, photography


Dual Horizons_Evan Napholz.png

Dual Horizons

by Evan Napholz, photography


Sunrise at Home_Evan Napholz.png

Sunrise at Home

by Evan Napholz, photography


Jon Vollmar Day on the Lake_Art Gallery.jpg

Day on the Lake

by Jon Vollmar, acrylic on slate with beach finds



by Jon Vollmar, acrylic on slate with beach finds


Rendevous in Ohio

by Jon Vollmar, acrylic on slate with beach finds


Jon Vollmar Rendevous in Ohio_Art Gallery.jpg

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